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Posted on: January 18, 2022
LACEY, Wash., Jan. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Harbor Wholesale, the Northwest's top family owned, independent distributor, acquired the brand and intellectual property of the 52-year-old iconic northwest based Skippers Seafood & Chowder from Starway Restaurants, LLC.  In assuming the rights to the brand, Harbor will support the (5) remaining retail locations (licensees), online retail business and 128 quick serve restaurant locations found in convenience stores and grocers throughout the Northwest. Skippers Starway Restaurants LLC acquired the Skippers Seafood & Chowder intellectual property in 2007.  Scott Way and team began working with Harbor in 2013 when they realized Skippers would bring a delicious quick service restaurant (QSR) opportunity to store owners. Scott believes, "with their shared northwest roots and passion for customer service, quality, and value, Skippers and Harbor are the perfect fit.  Over the last 8 years Harbor has gotten to know Skippers and its customers.  Nobody is better positioned or better suited to carry the Skippers brand into the future than Harbor." When Rick Jensen, President of Harbor Wholesale, joined the team nearly two years ago, Harbor saw an opportunity for Skippers to join an already robust portfolio of Harbor owned brands.  "We are excited to be the stewards of this nostalgic brand and further develop the concept in the northwest and beyond. We see a lot of opportunity to build on the signature fish & chips and clam chowder that Skippers is known for with our team of experts, that is 100% focused on our customers' success."  The transaction will close on January 14, 2022, and transition over the following months.   About Harbor Wholesale Founded in 1923, Harbor Wholesale delivers fresh, convenient solutions for people on the go. As the largest independent 4th generation family owned distributor in the Northwest, Harbor Wholesale serves 4,500 convenience stores, independent grocers, and quick serve restaurants with a great selection of products. These include Harbor owned brands, held under the Real Fresh Brands™, such as Mountain Fresh™, Via Vita Pizza™, Split Shift®, Watertown Craft Roasted®, Mein Street®, and now Skippers®. Harbor Wholesale operates distribution centers in Lacey, WA, Portland, OR and Roseburg, OR. Harbor Wholesale is a subsidiary of Harbor Foods. For additional information, please visit us at or Harbor Wholesale is the owner of all trademarks referenced herein. Contact Taber Lee, Director of ext.1363
Posted on: December 9, 2021
About Mullenix MarketJeff Stokes started the Mullenix Market project after assembling several pieces of property in the 80s. Jeff wanted to honor his father, a Vietnam War Veteran, and his tireless work ethic, with a belief that the recipe for success always was in their customers’ happiness. Jeff got involved in the family auction business, Stokes Auction and Auction Acres, in 1976 and since then has won many worldwide awards such as the 1987 World Champion livestock auctioneer, 1993 World Champion Auto Auctioneer, and 2003 International Champion Auctioneer. Jeff is the first and only person to win the triple crown of auctioneering, and Jeff was also selected for the 2006 Auction Hall of Fame. Jeff has been an instructor at the western College of Auctioneering since he was 19 and still teaches the art of auctioneering in Montana throughout the year. The Stokes family has lived and breathed South Kitsap County for four decades, and Jeff’s father served as Port Commissioner for 20 years. The roots the Stokes family have in the area are deepened throughout the community by giving back with charity auctions. Jeff founded the largest charity auction business with Stokes Auction Group in 1992, and has raised millions from 700 charity auctions prior to COVID. Jeff has served many wonderful causes, but when asked his favorite, “It would definitely be Celebrity fight night in Phoenix that was hosted by Muhamad Ali, and working alongside emcee Reba McEntire. Jeff also has done auctions for Andrea Bocelli in Florence, Italy and the Ted Turner family in Atlanta. But, it is always helping a child in need that brings the most satisfaction, whether it’s through Make-A-Wish, JDRF or any child related cause. Jeff started the zoning process for Mullenix Market in 2009. He then started the permitting process in 2013 with some challenges due to road construction. Permits were approved in 2017, and he had to buy another acre of land next to his property for stormwater. In 2018 he broke ground on Mullenix Market. Financing came through after the Covid shutdown in May 2020, then it was game on with construction. Construction hit snags with supplies and building but forged ahead and was completed in September 2021. He opened his dream store, Mullenix Market, on September 9th, 2021. Mullenix Market & Harbor Wholesale Jeff is a businessman but has no experience in owning or operating a gas station, and that’s where Harbor came into play. The goal was to have the store be a deli with gas. One of the best benefits was being able to do a 180 degree pivot with Patty, Harbor’s LDC-Central Regional Sales Manager, as Covid was shutting down everything. Harbor, and Patty, have given Jeff confidence, taking him by the hand and showing him other stores, where store owners assisted with hands on experience and advice for operating a convenience store. Jeff was offered tours of other stores, cooking opportunities and examples aplenty of other successful stores. He was able to take these ideas & advice and implement it at Mullenix Market. Through this journey Mullenix Market had 3 visions for what the store could be. The Mullenix Market team is so thankful to have partnered with Harbor to have help through all it. Those ideas were: Deli and gasFoodservice only through the drive throughToday, a hybrid model of both One of the biggest surprises was the community and how they have supported this new location. With each new guest comes a local neighbor coming by to say how delighted they are to have the new store there. Many customers have watched and waited with anticipation, and all came to our aid to support Mullenix Market with their kindness, patronage and spirit of community. When Jeff is asked “What is the single best attribute of your early success”? It would be easy to thank Sun Pacific energy, Harbor Wholesale, his contractors, his food or beverage providers but it is actually people and their big hearts within these organizations. One doesn’t take on a build like this without friends, partners and trusted people. Patty displayed patience, compassion and true care towards the changing journey. She was there for every phone call, every change and by Jeff’s side the day they opened, and still part of his days now that they are 30 days in. Fritz, Harbor’sFoodservice Sales Developer, has helped design Mullenix’ Market’s foodservice program. Esther, Harbor’s Store Solution Manager, has helped set their store. Ronnie, Harbor’s Territory Sales Manager, has helped every day with products, designs and more. Jeff is most grateful for the quality people that have all come to his aid in the development of Mullenix Market. He must also recognize the help of teammates, Brenda Ryon and Sherry Jones, as their years of convenience store business experience set the store up for success. Every bit of their success stems from people like Jeff’s father, his friends, neighbors and the professionals at Harbor. Thank you Mullenix Market for being a great partner and going above and beyond to serve your community!
Posted on: November 16, 2021
Tell us about your store. Nez Perce Express is located in Idaho on the Nez Perce Reservation next to the Clearwater River, the Steelhead fishing capitol of the world. The Nez Perce Express also provides the fishing permits to fish the Clearwater River we have Steelhead, Chinook Salmon and tunnel pond permits. How has Harbor helped you to be successful? Harbor has helped us to be successful by the support of providing great products, on time delivery service and store resets to help keep great store flow for our customers. Harbor has been a great partner as we continue to grow together in our success. What unique programs do you have at your location? Harbor helped us to get the Skippers program going which in turn considerably increased our deli sales. We also started the Harbor Watertown coffee program where we have a great following as well with this select brand of coffee. How has your store been successful through COVID-19? The Nez Perce Express store has maintained our customer base by providing a safe and sanitary store for our patrons.
Posted on: November 3, 2021
Duracell and The American Academy of Pediatrics Join Forces to “Power Safely,” Helping to Further Educate and Drive Awareness to the Importance of Lithium Coin Battery Safety More important than ever due to an increase in battery ingestions* and more time at home during the pandemic March 16, 2021 – BETHEL, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE) — Duracell, the most trusted battery brand, announced today that it is teaming up with The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to help educate parents and caregivers about the importance of lithium coin battery safety to help prevent accidental lithium coin battery ingestions. With families spending more time at home combining work and home life into one, lithium coin battery safety is more essential than ever. This is why Duracell, with support from the AAP, is expanding upon its “Power Safely” program, which provides parents and caregivers access to lithium coin battery safety information and resources from their child’s health care provider to help keep their children safe. “Young children are curious by nature, and part of their exploration of the world around them can include putting things in their mouths. This makes it particularly important to keep dangerous objects like small batteries safely stored away,” said pediatrician Ben Hoffman, MD, FAAP, chair of the Council on Injury, Violence, & Poison Prevention of the American Academy of Pediatrics. “We’re all spending more time in our homes, and there are devices everywhere, like remotes, key fobs and thermometers that may include small lithium coin batteries that are a hidden danger. In the past two decades, we’ve seen an increase in emergencies when young children have swallowed lithium coin batteries, as well as button batteries, with sometimes devastating results. Parents should keep batteries away from young children. Secure packaging and product innovations like a bitter coating offer additional layers of safety to help protect children.” Through Duracell’s “Power Safely” initiative, Duracell and the AAP will help to educate parents and caregivers on how to help keep children safe from lithium coin batteries. As part of the safety advice that pediatricians give parents during regular well-child check-ups, AAP recommends pediatricians counsel parents of babies and toddlers to keep lithium coin batteries out of reach. This summer, AAP and Duracell will distribute a lithium coin battery safety checklist to AAP member pediatricians that outlines common household devices that use lithium coin batteries and how to safely store such devices, as well as information on additional layers of protection, like secure packaging and using Duracell’s lithium coin battery with bitter coating to help discourage swallowing. Parents and caregivers can also download the lithium coin battery safety checklist on and “Duracell is devoted to giving parents and caregivers another line of defense when it comes to helping avoid accidental ingestions, which is why we have launched a non-toxic bitter coating on our most popular lithium coin battery sizes that is designed to help discourage swallowing,” says Roberto Mendez, President, Duracell North America. “Duracell is deeply committed to the relationship with the AAP, which will help educate parents and caregivers on the importance of practicing lithium coin battery safety throughout the home and help guide Duracell as we launch future safety innovations.” “Power Safely” kicked off in October 2020 with the release of an educational campaign and video by Duracell, and Duracell pledges to continue the campaign throughout this year and beyond. The video highlights how even the most child-proofed homes can still have hidden dangers and encourages consumers to practice hands-on prevention steps, like safely storing devices that contain lithium coin batteries away from children and using lithium coin batteries that come in child secure packaging and have a bitter coating. To learn more, please visit or *Consumer Product Safety Commission: Hospital Emergency Room Treatment for Some Product-Related Injuries Rose During the Pandemic, Even as Overall ER Visits Dropped About Duracell Started in the 1920s, the Duracell brand and company was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE-BRK.A, BRK.B) in 2016 and has grown to be the leader in the primary battery market in North America. The iconic Duracell brand is known the world over. Our products serve as the heart of devices that keep people connected, protect their families, entertain them, and simplify their increasingly mobile lifestyles. Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is a $250B holding company owning subsidiaries that engage in diverse business activities. Visit for more information; follow us on and like us on
Posted on: October 13, 2021
Sour Patch Kids Bites: First they're sour. Then they're sweet. And now they’re extra small! These bite-sized chewy candies pack a summery, mouth-puckering watermelon flavor into a mini, ultra-munchable watermelon shape. SOUR PATCH KIDS Bites are tiny, mischief-filled SOUR THEN SWEET treats. Soft, chewy, and oh so fun, this bite-sized watermelon candy brings some fun to any occasion! Whether you’re planning a road trip, movie night, or party, or simply stocking the snack shelf with treats, resealable bags of bite-sized SOUR PATCH KIDS candy are sure to be SOUR. SWEET. GONE. They’re also great for party favors, care package snacks, gaming snacks, and travel treats, and make fun dessert toppers! Pack Size Information: Small Stand up Bags is the #4 pack type in dollar volume of all Non-Chocolate pack types. This pack size grew 38.5% in dollar volume in the latest 26 weeks. Sources:  1. Innova Market Insights Consumer Survey, Jan 2019, 2. Nielsen Answers, 52 wks W/E 1/25/20 xAOC+C   3. Nielsen Homescan Panel Total US 52Wk Ending 4/06/19, 4. Nielsen Quick Predict,  Dec. 2018 Nielsen Non-Chocolate by pack type L26 wks ending 9.4.21
Product Feature
Celebrate Haribo!
Celebrate Haribo!
Posted on: September 9, 2021
Haribo is a proven winner in their category, with GoldBears being an iconic brand customers know and love. With their 100 anniversary being celebrated, customers can enjoy new products like Limited Time Party Hat gummies and flavors like Blue Raspberry, Pineapple and Watermelon. In addition to their 100 year anniversary, Haribo has other new products like Haribo Sour Kicks Z!NG! This product provides a highly unique sour experience, delivering BIG sour flavor in every bite without the mess of a sour dust coating. Each stylish sneaker will electrify your taste buds with a range of fruity flavors. This new product has strong consumer testing results, it is highly rated by consumers as a fun product! This further expands Z!NG's offering of fun, unique and playful shapes and forms.
Posted on: August 12, 2021
To all Retailers, As you all know we are in an unparalleled time in history with numerous supply chain interruptions, we are working behind the scenes to ensure that we have practical product solutions for a disrupted supply eco-system. I have spoken with many innovative c-store and supermarket owners recently as they navigate a treacherous supply chain caused by the economic impact of Covid-19. Here is what I found they have in common: They are quick to temporarily pivot to items they can get instead of leaving a hole on the shelf for the disrupted item.They over project their quantities on the upcoming order to compensate for the items that manufacturer’s cannot supply to avoid shortages.They embrace new items, as manufacturers work hard to protect the supply chain on key new items.They use displays and floor stacks to create impulse solutions and to fill the shelf as the display sells down.They are creative with Grab & Go solutions for the store. In the upcoming weeks we will  looking at the top 25 impact outs each week and give you some items (with current inventory) that you pivot to in this challenging product pipeline.  We will also give you some commodity headlines, with behind the scenes insight on how we can partner together to win in this tough environment.
Posted on: August 9, 2021
About The Store Solutions TeamOur Store Solutions program was launched in the Fall of 2014. Our 11 Teams are located in 3 states Washington, Oregon, and Northern California totaling 20 Team members, including our newest Team out of Portland, OR based in our new Rich and Rhine Portland Distribution Center! The program is 7 years old and has added 6 teams throughout the Pacific Northwest since its inception. Our Store Solutions Team serves our 2,200 c-store and small market customers. Annually they re-set and merchandise approximately 500 customers across all regions. Their resets accomplish everything from cleaning up categories and retagging them, to building brand new gondolas, throwing a stocking order, and can include a redesign by request. How Does The Store Solutions Team Benefit Customers?Our Store Solutions team bring the most relevant and timely marketing and industry knowledge to each reset via SKU selections which are in our Merchandising Guide. These selections are based on industry data like MSA, Nielson, and IRI. This data is specific to the customers we serve. In addition, our team members are skilled at being creative and innovative with on hand resources, from shelving to racks, to achieve the best possible results. Not every customer hasidentical resources, so the challenge is real. How Does The Store Solutions Team Evaluate Stores?The team meets with the Territory Sales Manager, along with the store manager or representative to determine customer priorities and get a feel for how what the customer is expecting for their store. They then take this information and design a layout with category assignment. A great example of this is Jacks Mini Mart located in The Dalles, OR. This was a large job, approximately 5,000 sq. ft. Marcy, Lead Store Solutions Representative out of Vancouver, WA had the help of three Territory Sales Managers. They all pitched in on the job by tearing down shelving and rebuilding it. This job took a few months of preparation, with many new things moving into the location, but overall, the team did a great job resetting the store and making it look fantastic!