5-hour ENERGY offers C-store owners unmatched revenue opportunities
Visibility. Popularity. Profits. These are just three of the reasons that 5-hour ENERGY has come to be a favorite of independent convenience store owners.
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5-hour ENERGY offers C-store owners unmatched revenue opportunities

February 9, 2021

Visibility. Popularity. Profits.

These are just three of the reasons that 5-hour ENERGY has come to be a favorite of independent convenience store owners. No other front-end product offers the margins of 5-hour ENERGY shots.*

Since 2004, 5-hour ENERGY has offered adult consumers a way to get a boost in an easy-to-take package. The pioneering energy shot, today 5-hour ENERGY is available in most U.S. convenience stores. The brand is synonymous with the billion-dollar energy shot category, thanks to its national advertising campaigns and major sports sponsorships. 5-hour ENERGY is the only energy shot to offer this market presence.

For 2021, Living Essentials LLC is launching a new shot and a major promotion — both designed to boost in-store traffic and help store owners sell more 5-hour ENERGY products.

The 5-hour ENERGY Official Sponsor of Getting Stuff Done promotion, which starts Feb. 1, gives consumers a chance to win a share of $100,000. Specially marked countertop and floor displays feature the promotion. These displays come pre-stocked with Watermelon Extra Strength, the latest 5-hour ENERGY shot flavor.

Independent C-stores have been critical to the success of 5-hour ENERGY products, which is why Living Essentials is always working on new products and promotions like these to help increase sales. It’s also why the company created the 5-hour ENERGY Retailer Rewards Program — an initiative designed just for small-business owners. Through regular, targeted communications, program members learn about the best ways to sell 5-hour ENERGY, and make more money doing it.

A recent communication, “Fix the Mix,” taught owners about the importance of carrying the right 5-hour ENERGY shot flavors, tailoring product selection to each size display rack. By ensuring that every rack is stocked with the correct flavor assortment, store owners maximize their sale and profit potential.

Other topics recently covered in member-only emails include the pitfalls of selling bargain-brand energy shots and why it pays to know the people who live and work near your store. 

Retailer Rewards program participants also set themselves apart by having the opportunity to promote 5-hour ENERGY sales through free in-store advertising and point-of-sale displays, and branded merchandise available only to members.

Interested in learning more about the 5-hour ENERGY Retailer Rewards Program or becoming a member? Visit 5hourEnergyRetailer.com.

*Source: Convenience A IRI retail audit, Nielsen 52 weeks ending 5/18/19 and 2018 NACS margin report.

Learn more at 5hourEnergyRetailer.com

Content provided by Living Essentials LLC.

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