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New Year, New Foodservice

January 11, 2018

By: Melissa Molnar, Digital Marketing Specialist

With the new year, comes new Foodservice ideas that are great for any store looking to add or expand their offerings. Here are some things to consider while deciding to implement Foodservice in your store:

Are you wanting to increase savings on your Foodservice or concerned about the cost? Ingredient based foods lower costs and increase margins on the finished product. Selecting ingredients to create a product rather than buying finished goods can significantly increase savings and profit on the items.

Create a destination by adding signature items on your menu. Try building a unique flavor profile by using a theme or regional ingredients. Or, tailor your menu to a specific customer base. This can build consistency and result in repeat customers. A unique menu will bring more people into your store.

Planning to meet market conditions can also save money in the long run by reducing labor costs. Maximizing deli labor efficiency with planning and food prep will help your store to prepare for customers, and will prevent team members from rushing to prep food. Making a menu modular and creating portions ahead of time can generate savings on its own as well.

Harbor can also assist your store in creating recipes for portion control and consistency. This will result in food items made the same way each time, create and appearance and taste your customers come to know and expect, and save on cost with labor and ingredients. Harbor is here to help your store be successful, and creating recipes can make your store a destination for delicious Foodservice.

If you’re interested in adding or improving your Foodservice, or just curious about what Foodservice Harbor has to offer, schedule an appointment with your Sales Rep to learn more!