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Upgrade Your Foodservice

June 6, 2018

The Harbor Foodservice team is bringing you an easy way to upgrade your foodservice game this month.  In partnership with Prairie City Bakery we are offering a brand-new item, the Maple Sandwich Waffle!  This is a buttery maple waffle that is made the traditional Liege way with rich, whole wheat brioche batter.  It’s deliciously sweet and perfect for the breakfast day part.

The key for this foodservice treat is to pair it with sausage and egg patties to create the perfect item that can be a signature taste on your menu.  Using just a microwave or oven this easy to make sandwich is ready in just minutes.  No fork, no syrup, no mess.

With chain restaurants introducing their own takes on this classic flavor, replace the sausage patty with a crispy chicken patty from Brakebush Chicken to capitalize on the trend and take advantage of the increased traffic looking for breakfast this summer.

This is not a grab and go sandwich and must be made from scratch ingredients, all available through Harbor.

-Upgrade your current breakfast offering

-Chicken and waffles is a trending breakfast flavor

-NOT a grab and go sandwich. This is something you make

-Using just a microwave and key ingredients all available through Harbor