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U.S. Consumers Embrace Freedom to Choose Cash

September 29, 2017

A new Cardtronics survey finds that 91% of consumers used cash in the last six months.

Cash still has an important place in Americans’ wallets and hearts, according to the Cardtronics Health of Cash survey. While people are adding digital options to their payments toolkit, there is compelling evidence that cash has formed a durable and enduring bond with American consumers, who embrace choice rather than cashless in the way they pay.

Cardtronics partnered with Edelman Intelligence to conduct the Health of Cash Study, which found in a wide range of payment scenarios that consumers continue to value choice in their payment and spending options, and continue to use cash as part of their broader payment mix.

The Health of Cash survey tracks consumer payment behaviors both in terms of which payment methods people have used in the past six months, as well as which is their most preferred. In both cases, the data is clear that cash usage is deeply woven into the fabric of Americans’ payment behavior. Regarding the percent of the population using each payment type for either purchases or person-to-person (P2P) payments in the last six months:

  • 91% used cash
  • 72% used debit card
  • 68% used credit card
  • 51% used digital (e.g. mobile wallet, P2P apps, retailer apps)

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