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Oberto Snacks Inc is leading the trends with new fresh takes and low sugar items

October 9, 2019

Oberto Snacks Inc is going all-in to satisfy the growing consumer demand for low sugar and fresh refrigerated snacks.  Through intensive research and enhanced manufacturing capabilities, the company’s leading brands (Cattleman’s Cut and Oberto Specialty Meats) are launching a wealth of new products aimed at these growing snacking trends. And from early results, both retailers and consumers are, pardon the pun, eating it up.

“More and more, consumers are searching for savory, low-sugar snacking satisfaction.  We’ve seen these trends play out across categories and have invested in our processes to address this growing consumer need.” said Stephen Oberto, VP of marketing and great grandson of founder Constantino Oberto.

The focus on lower-sugar starts with the all new jerky and smoked sausages from Oberto.  For example, new Oberto Original Beef Jerky boasts 27% less sugar and 20% more protein than the current formula. Additionally, the flavor and texture will be enhanced with a new process that includes natural wood smoke and a tenderizing step.  And the enhanced products don’t stop with traditional jerky. New Oberto Smoked Sausages and Butcher’s Cut Bacon have less than 1 gram of sugar as well as unbelievable taste and texture consumers are sure to love.

In its ongoing pursuit to satisfy the cravings of heavy meat snack users, Cattleman’s Cut has its own low-sugar jerky and smoked sausages.   New Frontier Style Beef jerky is thinly-sliced to create a longer chew and boasts a more savory taste with 50% more protein and 75% less sugar than the leading jerky. The Cattleman’s Cut brand is bullish on this new product, as a large subset of heavy meat snack consumers strongly prefer Frontier Style Jerky to more traditional jerky. These heavy users have largely been ignored by the innovation in the category and represent a massive growth opportunity. Additionally, the Cattleman’s Cut Double Smoke Sausages have hit a cord with consumers.  Double smoked for double the flavor – Cattleman’s Cut uses real hardwood smoke blended with bold, savory ingredients for a delicious flavor with 0 grams of Sugar.

In addition to low sugar, fresh-focused snacking is on the rise. While overall snacking growth was flat in 20181, refrigerated meat, cheese, cracker and dessert snacks’ dollar sales were up 13%.2

“Convenient protein-packed snacks in the refrigerated section are on fire.  We feel very confident that our Cattleman’s Cut and Oberto Specialty Meats  brands are poised to drive even more growth in this segment,” Stephen Oberto added. Cattleman’s Cut is coming out with a new line of Smoked Sausage & Cheese refrigerated products that pairs its delicious smoked sausage with equally delicious smoked cheddar, smoked mozzarella and smoked pepper jack cheeses.  The combos will extend the Cattleman’s brand into new territory, reaching new consumers who are looking for a fresher taste.

For Oberto Specialty Meats, the brand is leveraging its 101 year heritage by releasing new imported Italian Charcuterie. Artisanally produced, sliced and curated in Felino, Italyand never frozen.  The gluten-free antipasto, prosciutto and salami (which will be paired with an assortment of high-end Italian cheeses) will rival the finest fresh deli offerings. 

All of these innovations are part of an overall commitment from Oberto Snacks Inc. to produce high-end products aimed at discerning meat consumers.

“At the end of the day, we just want to make delicious, differentiated products that people love,” Oberto said. “That’s still the best recipe for success.”