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Breakfast On-The-Go Just Got Better With Aunt Jemima Pancake Cups

October 14, 2019

Making pancakes just got simpler with Aunt Jemima Pancake On-The-Go Cups! Simply add water, stir, and microwave for a perfectly fluffy pancake in a cup that you can enjoy at home, at work, or on-the-go.

These pancake cups are available in two flavors- Chocolate Chip and Buttermilk & Maple. With the quick and easy preparation, this exciting new product is well positioned for the breakfast anytime trend!

Aunt Jemima is the #1 pancake brand in the mix with broad consumer appeal. These pancake cups have real pancake texture and are soft and fluffy.

How to Prepare Aunt Jemima Pancake On-The Go:

Remove lid and add 1/4 cup of water. Stir thoroughly with a fork ensuring the sides and bottom are clear of mix. Microwave on high for 70 seconds.


Flavor chips are included in the mix. They will melt when heated and add delicious flavor and texture to every bite. Aunt Jemima syrup is the perfect addition to these cups!

Aunt Jemima Pancake On-The-Go products are available now from Harbor! Talk to your Harbor Rep to add this new breakfast innovation to your store!

Oberto Snacks Inc is leading the trends with new fresh takes and low sugar items

October 9, 2019

Oberto Snacks Inc is going all-in to satisfy the growing consumer demand for low sugar and fresh refrigerated snacks.  Through intensive research and enhanced manufacturing capabilities, the company’s leading brands (Cattleman’s Cut and Oberto Specialty Meats) are launching a wealth of new products aimed at these growing snacking trends. And from early results, both retailers and consumers are, pardon the pun, eating it up.

“More and more, consumers are searching for savory, low-sugar snacking satisfaction.  We’ve seen these trends play out across categories and have invested in our processes to address this growing consumer need.” said Stephen Oberto, VP of marketing and great grandson of founder Constantino Oberto.

The focus on lower-sugar starts with the all new jerky and smoked sausages from Oberto.  For example, new Oberto Original Beef Jerky boasts 27% less sugar and 20% more protein than the current formula. Additionally, the flavor and texture will be enhanced with a new process that includes natural wood smoke and a tenderizing step.  And the enhanced products don’t stop with traditional jerky. New Oberto Smoked Sausages and Butcher’s Cut Bacon have less than 1 gram of sugar as well as unbelievable taste and texture consumers are sure to love.

In its ongoing pursuit to satisfy the cravings of heavy meat snack users, Cattleman’s Cut has its own low-sugar jerky and smoked sausages.   New Frontier Style Beef jerky is thinly-sliced to create a longer chew and boasts a more savory taste with 50% more protein and 75% less sugar than the leading jerky. The Cattleman’s Cut brand is bullish on this new product, as a large subset of heavy meat snack consumers strongly prefer Frontier Style Jerky to more traditional jerky. These heavy users have largely been ignored by the innovation in the category and represent a massive growth opportunity. Additionally, the Cattleman’s Cut Double Smoke Sausages have hit a cord with consumers.  Double smoked for double the flavor – Cattleman’s Cut uses real hardwood smoke blended with bold, savory ingredients for a delicious flavor with 0 grams of Sugar.

In addition to low sugar, fresh-focused snacking is on the rise. While overall snacking growth was flat in 20181, refrigerated meat, cheese, cracker and dessert snacks’ dollar sales were up 13%.2

“Convenient protein-packed snacks in the refrigerated section are on fire.  We feel very confident that our Cattleman’s Cut and Oberto Specialty Meats  brands are poised to drive even more growth in this segment,” Stephen Oberto added. Cattleman’s Cut is coming out with a new line of Smoked Sausage & Cheese refrigerated products that pairs its delicious smoked sausage with equally delicious smoked cheddar, smoked mozzarella and smoked pepper jack cheeses.  The combos will extend the Cattleman’s brand into new territory, reaching new consumers who are looking for a fresher taste.

For Oberto Specialty Meats, the brand is leveraging its 101 year heritage by releasing new imported Italian Charcuterie. Artisanally produced, sliced and curated in Felino, Italyand never frozen.  The gluten-free antipasto, prosciutto and salami (which will be paired with an assortment of high-end Italian cheeses) will rival the finest fresh deli offerings. 

All of these innovations are part of an overall commitment from Oberto Snacks Inc. to produce high-end products aimed at discerning meat consumers.

“At the end of the day, we just want to make delicious, differentiated products that people love,” Oberto said. “That’s still the best recipe for success.”



Customer Feature: Fruit Valley Village

September 27, 2019

Fruit Valley Village is part of the Minit Mart family located in Vancouver, WA and selling Shell gasoline. This location recently underwent a major renovation. Owner and President Don Rhoads shared insights in what drove this renovation and how they continuously are focused on their community.

About Fruit Valley Village
Since the early 1930’s, there has been a store at the Fruit Valley Village location. Minit Mart acquired this location in 1968, and it has been part of the business ever since. The store was originally a 2,800 sq. ft. Superette grocery store but eventually transitioned to the convenience model.
Minit Mart is a family owned business much like Harbor. They have roots in the Pacific Northwest and are true partners with the areas that their locations serve.

About The Renovation
In 2018, Fruit Valley Village underwent a major renovation which was recently completed. The building built in 1968 went from 2,800 sq. ft. to a 12,000 sq. ft. shopping center to better accommodate the local community’s needs. The store itself added 1,500 sq. ft., adding a 1,200 sq. ft. kitchen with foodservice, including a teaching kitchen and commissary for the community. With the renovation, Minit Mart brought back the Superette grocery store model offering an expanded product selection and more grocery and fresh options for their customers. The decision to incorporate this model was based on the communities needs for quick, convenient, fresh food selections.

“With this renovation we’re symbolizing the community’s unique identity. From the physical design of the store and building, to the products we sell. Everything is focused on the Fruit Valley identity.” – Don Rhoads, Owner & President

Community Resources
In addition to updating the Fruit Valley Village location, tenant locations were added on property in the 12,000 sq. ft. expansion. A credit union, housing resource center, and foodbank are all tenants in the building. The overall theme of this location is to lift up the existing local populations and provide resources to help them thrive in the community. 

Thank you Fruit Valley Village and Minit Mart for partnering with Harbor!

Harbor Wholesale Foods Acquires A Portion of Food Services of America (FSA)

September 11, 2019

LACEY, Washington. September 11, 2019 – Harbor Wholesale Foods (Harbor) headquartered in Lacey, WA announced Harbor’s acquisition of a significant portion of the Food Services of America (FSA) Seattle business, including FSA’s 250,000 sq. ft. distribution facility in Kent, WA.  Harbor will assume a portion of the customer base currently served by the Kent facility, including roughly 1,700 independent restaurant operators throughout 10 counties in Western WA.  FSA Seattle’s executive leadership and several experienced and dedicated associates will be joining Harbor, creating a combined team of nearly 700 people.

Harbor and FSA share similar backgrounds as family companies and a common passion for associate growth and customer success. “The acquisition of a portion of FSA’s Seattle business aligns well with our existing culture and values,” said Harbor CEO Justin Erickson.  “We’ve grown our business over the years through our dedication to serving our independent and locally owned customer base. Our success is the result of empowering our team members to best serve our customers at every interaction. We’ve been serving NW communities for 96 years and the FSA Seattle business provides a platform to expand our presence and positive influence throughout the region.”

Acquiring FSA’s Kent Distribution Center achieves Harbor’s goal of becoming the Northwest’s premier foodservice distributor.  Harbor has roots in foodservice distribution dating back 96 years.  “As our company evolved, we shifted our focus to retail grocery and convenience store distribution. As foodservice has become the primary focus of convenience stores over the past 10+ years we’ve expanded our capabilities in foodservice to retain and grow our position as the NW’s leading convenience store distributor,” said Justin Erickson.

The Harbor location in Kent, WA will continue to be led by the current FSA executive leadership team, utilizing the same familiar systems, tools, and technology that customers and associates rely on today.  “The goal is to make the acquisition as seamless as possible, much of how Harbor and FSA do business today will not change,” Harbor CFO Jim Winkle said in a statement.

As a locally owned and operated business, with 96 years of excellent service to their customers, Harbor is the perfect distributor to fill a huge and important void in the foodservice market.  “We bring industry-leading technology, operational excellence, and competitive buying power. We put our customers first, and we’re committed to providing food and solutions to help their businesses flourish,” said Justin Erickson. “As a local distributor, we have a unique opportunity to partner with local suppliers, providing a unique mix of products versus the larger broad line distributors. The restaurant industry is more competitive than ever, and operators are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd.”

Fuel Your Game With Mondelez

August 28, 2019

Mondelez has it’s three young adult brands, Chips Ahoy, Trident and Sour Patch Kids, working together to appeal to gaming consumers with their most recent promotion. Mondelez is giving away sought-after gaming prizes and also unlocking exciting exclusive in-game content from purchasing Mondelez products!

Packs for Sour Patch Kids and Trident Vibes brands are being released with graphics of video game characters and contain codes to unlock in-game items.

How can your customers participate in this giveaway from Mondelez? Harbor is currently carrying two displays that carry participating products. The Floorstand has Trident Vibes Gum, Chips Ahoy Cookies, and Sour Patch Kids, which are all participating brands.

67% of US households own a device to play video games and 65% of US households have at least one person playing 3+ hours of games of week. Gaming can be done and consumed in a variety of ways from console, to casual to e-sports.

Gaming is a snacking occasion with 94% of games indulging on their favorite treat while playing games. Bring those customers into your store by carrying the Mondelez floorstand with the participating products with their exciting gaming giveaway! Talk to your Harbor Rep to learn how you can add this floorstand to participate in Mondelez’s giveaway.

New Products from Jack Link’s Protein Snacks

August 28, 2019

The protein snacking company creates category growth with products for new consumers and new occasions

Jack Link’s Cold Crafted
New to the brand, Jack Link’s Cold Crafted brings two Wisconsin delicacies together – smoked meats and cheese – in one delicious offering. The new Jack Link’s Cold Crafted will be available in the refrigerator aisle and the fresh snacking area.

The new line includes:

  • Cold Crafted Beef & Cheese Snack Sticks: Made with 100 percent beef and real Wisconsin cheese, Cold Crafted Snack Sticks will be available in the following varieties: Smoked Meat Sticks (Original, Loaded with Pepper Jack, Loaded with Cheddar Cheese); Beef and Cheese Bites; Smoked Meat Sticks and Cheese (Cheddar and Pepper Jack).
  • Cold Crafted Linkwich: Made with premium cured meats and real Wisconsin cheese, this hand-held snack was inspired by the eating habits of busy families. Linkwich is a line of family-friendly, protein snacks with a grab-and-go combo offering 15g of protein in one serving and only 1g of carbs and sugar. Launch includes three varieties: Colby Jack & Hard Salami, Pepper Jack & Genoa Salami and Cheddar and Hard Salami.

Jack Link’s Bars
Snack bars are one of the most popular ways to get through the afternoon slump, but they don’t come without sacrifice. A lot of options may taste great but are full of calories, sugar, or can lack the protein you need to get through the day. Jack Link’s is changing the game in a simple way: bringing the benefits of meat to keep you satisfied without the guilt and with great taste.

Jack Link’s bars are currently available in three delicious flavors: Original, Teriyaki and Cracked Pepper

Jack Link’s Steak Bites
Eating America’s #1 meat snack brand on the go just got easier, thanks to Jack Link’s Steak Bites. The new on-the-go snack gives consumers exactly what they want – a high-protein, low-fat, handheld snack at an awesome value. Made with 100% beef, the steak bites are an excellent source of protein with 17g of protein in one single pack and only 110 calories. Flavors include Original and Teriyaki.

Jack Link’s Big Bag
Consumers are purchasing more big bags of jerky for larger occasions, more frequent snacking and larger households. Jack Link’s 10oz bag delivers an incredible value for consumers favorite flavors and forms – Original, Teriyaki, Peppered, Sweet & Hot and Teriyaki Tender Bites.

Product Spotlight: Trolli

August 6, 2019

Welcome to the Fantastical, Neon World of Trolli… Where everything Trolli touches transforms into something bright, happy, and sweet…for as long as it takes to eat a delicious Sour Brite Crawler. If it’s weirdly awesome you want, get your paws on our Unique Shapes. Each pack is like an unforgettable snackventure.

Sour Brite All-Star Mix

Trolli, the original Inventors of the Gummi Worm, launched Sour Brite All-Star Mix in 2019. All-Star Sour Brite features the most original shapes in a single bag, including: Crawlers, Sloths, Octopuses, Llamas and Tiny Hands.

Sour Brite Mystery Night Crawlers

Mystery offers a unique twist on Trolli’s Sour Brite Crawlers – white and neon sour sanded gummi worms that won’t give away their flavors until you take a bite! Each pack contains three dual flavored crawlers. Crawlers are colored white & pink, white & green and white & blue. What do they taste like? You’ll have to try them to find out. 

You won’t want to miss out on these exciting new products from Trolli! Be sure to talk to your Harbor Rep and add them to your candy aisle today.

Customer Spotlight: Mountain Markets

August 2, 2019

Operating 9 locations throughout Northern California serving Chevron, 76 and Valero gasoline.

Harbor’s Regional Sales Manager, Tonya Walker recently met with Mountain Markets’ Director of Operations, Jared Warren to discuss Mountain Market’s recent transition to Harbor.

In the next 5 years, how do you see Mountain Markets’ brand evolving? We are working on developing a Foodservice program that is unique and
tailored to our customer’s wants and needs. We are excited to partner
with Harbor and begin developing a program that will best suit our customers. Our stores are located in a rural area, so being able to provide a wide variety of foodservice items for our customers, from hot breakfast items, to on-the-go dinners, will be another value added for our local community. We are finalizing the launch of our store branding for Treeline Cafe. This new brand is fresh and eye-catching. The new program branding will refresh and update the look and feel of our stores. Staying on top of trends is important in the convenience store industry, and new branding will differentiate our store in our local community.

What is something unique about the Mountain Markets chain of stores?
Like Harbor, Mountain Markets is also family owned and operated. Being able to partner with other family owned companies has allowed us to keep things local. With Harbor’s help we also began the early phases of launching our new brand for Mountain Markets called Treeline Cafe.

We embrace technology and utilize it to be organized and communicate more effectively. This benefits both our team members and our community. We played an active roles in assisting our community during and after the Boles fire here in Weed, California. We also raise money every year for a local Breast Cancer organization as well as contribute to child abuse prevention for our local Community Centers. Since 2010, over $144,000 has been raised for Breast Cancer and since 2013 over $30,000 has been raised for Child Abuse Prevention in our area.

How has Harbor helped you achieve your mission since becoming your supplier?

Since partnering with Harbor, we have been able to reduce the number of distributors we use and streamline our process of bringingin the products that we need. Through partnering with Harbor and their sales reps, we have also been able to develop a strategic partnering plan that promotes more effective communication and involvement within each of our stores, allowing our managers to become better educated about the products that we carry. Harbor has also helped us in the execution of our branding for our locations by assisting us in developing a brand for our coffee and foodservice programs.

Thank you Mountain Markets for taking the time to speak with us, and for being a valued Harbor Customer!

Meet Our Customer Service Department

July 26, 2019

Meet the people who process your orders every day. The customer service department is comprised of thirteen team members. Our Customer Service Representatives are truly “Obsessed With Your Success” and will do everything in their power to make sure they serve our customer’s efficiently and accurately. From recommending products, resolving issues and taking orders, our friendly Representatives strive to make it “easy” for our customers.

“I love the one-on-one interactions that we get to have with our
customers daily and the ability to get to know them. It really creates strong
relationships and teaches you that we are all a team. You learn that the success of others is also your success and vice versa. Teamwork makes the dream work!” – Alexis Marx, Customer Service Representative

There are a variety of ways you can place your order with Harbor, but all of them are processed by our Customer Service department. Once an order is received in the system, a Customer Service Representative, who is responsible for a specific set of routes each day, reviews the order looking for duplications, excess quantities or any oddities. They will also check to make sure the order is similar in size to previous orders, as well as making sure we have an order in the system. If necessary, they will contact the customer to confirm quantities, items, etc. Once all orders on a route are verified, the route is closed. Transportation then takes over and releases the route to be built on the truck and delivered to the store.

“What I Love about Customer Service is that it is NEVER boring! Harbor has so many great customers that it’s easy to go the extra mile to meet everyone’s needs. We get to be involved in so many aspects of the business that allow us to learn so much about our custoemrs and about Harbor!” – Joy Stidd, Customer Service & Sales Support Lead

Thank you to all of our customers who work with us and our Customer Service Team each and every day!

Sparkling Water Surging

July 11, 2019

With more consumers putting a focus on low calorie beverages, Water and Sparkling Water products are seeing a spike in sales.

Why should you expand your Unsweetened Sparkling Category?

Sparkling Water is experiencing extreme growth in the Convenience Channel and is not expected to slow any time soon. Experts anticipate category sales ($) to double in the next three years.

67% of new Sparkling Water customers are entering through flavors. Broad flavor variety is critical to capture new and returning customers.

Unsweetened Sparkling Water is the fastest growing beverage segment at +21% in Sales. Perrier has a 45% share of the Sparkling Water category and is driving 31% of Sparkling category growth.

Nearly 4 out of 10 Consumers will drink Sparkling Water by 2021.

Although Sparkling and Flavored Water sales are increasing, be sure to limit flavor duplication on the shelf. Only add flavors that are broad and diversify your cold vault selections for best sales results.

In addition to consumers seeking out better for you beverages, Perrier Natural Flavor and other Sparkling Water products are Partnership For A Healthier America Healthier Food and Beverage Guideline approved. Drinking Water is proven to help improve your mood as well as help you and your customers stay energized. You are what you drink, so drink up!