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How Mobile Can Set Your Franchise Apart

October 23, 2017

Research shows that 65 percent of customers would choose one brand over another based on the appeal of a mobile app alone.

The competition among franchise brands is getting fierce. Many of the top-performing retail and fast food service brands are franchises, such as 7-11, UPS, and Krispy Kreme. As more enter the market, breaking through the noise and setting your franchise apart is critical. Franchise brands (or franchisors) sometimes make the mistake of viewing mobile as a tool that’s only for online businesses, and even as a tool that is their adversary. However, harnessing mobile to increase sales and enhance your in-store customer experience can be a defining decision for brick-and-mortar franchises.

Research shows that 65 percent of customers would choose one brand over another based on the appeal of a mobile app alone, and for customers and businesses alike, saving time and money is appealing. Although many franchise brands might have an app, it’s not about the mere availability of it, but the user experience and the benefit it can provide to customers. Here’s how franchises can use mobile to set their brand apart and the bottom-line benefits that come with doing so.

Empower your customers to order via mobile

Customers have seen how easy it is to place an order and pick it up without wasting time in line. They don’t want to go back. Brands that have been around for a long time like Dunkin’ Donuts or Domino’s see this growing trend and are already allowing customers to order ahead on an app rather than stand in line. And now, new franchise brands are popping up that incorporate mobile almost immediately. Soon after Blaze Pizza was founded in 2011, they launched an app that allowed for customers to order ahead, track reward points and get special deals. Blaze Pizza now has 173 franchise locations in 32 US states and Canada. By 2020, mobile ordering will account for 10.7 percent of all quick-service sales, which translates into a $38 billion business.

Recently, I spoke to Blaze Pizza CEO & president Jim Mizes about what mobile means for their business.

“Once our customers use our app they discover the benefits of loyalty and easy mobile payment. For example, we use mobile offers to surprise and delight our app users.” Mizes says. “We’ve made mobile a focus because we continue to see strong correlation between higher app usage and higher same store sales.”

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