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Millennials Are Driving Demand for Healthier Snacks

May 15, 2017

Study suggests that millennials are the driving force behind growth in better-for-you snacks.   

​AUSTIN, Texas – A new study by Amplify Snack Brands Inc. and the Center for Generational Kinetics suggests that millennials are the driving force behind the growth of the better-for-you snack category.

The research revealed that healthier snacks have become widely available across the country, break the income barrier, and are being held to the same standards of universal taste appeal as their conventional products. The result, says Amplify, is that healthy is the new normal.

The study’s white paper, available for download at amplifysnackbrands.com/research, cites research-based insights into better-for-you snacking trends and how to engage millennials by understanding their perceptions, motivations and behaviors when it comes to snacking. For example:

  • Millennials expect great taste: 78% describe better-for-you snacks as tasting the same or better than traditional packaged snacks.
  • Less is more: 64% of millennials, more than any other generation, believe that fewer ingredients mean a snack is healthier. In addition, 79% said that understanding all the ingredients increases their level of trust in a packaged snack.

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