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When Fresh Falls Short

May 6, 2016

A rash of food-borne illness outbreaks have operators rethinking food safety.

By Nicole Duncan

It’s been a busy few months for Sloan’s Ice Cream. The West Palm Beach, Florida–based brand is planning to ramp up growth, which means it needs a larger manufacturing facility to support increased volume.

But bringing this new building online is a more delicate process than simply shipping equipment and ingredients. In fact, David Wild, director of franchising for the eight-unit brand, emphasizes that it is taking great care to ensure that the new facility is clean and up to the best food-safety standards. After all, it’s not hard to bring to mind cautionary tales from the least year alone.

In November, 42 Chipotle locations in the Pacific Northwest were temporarily closed following an outbreak of E. coli. The incident came on the heels of smaller Chipotle-based outbreaks in California and Minnesota. And before the fast-casual leader could regain its footing, another crisis struck—this one across the country, in Boston. Nearly 100 customers fell sick with norovirus, leading founder and CEO Steve Ells to make a very uncomfortable appearance on the “Today Show,” where he expressed sympathy for those who had fallen ill and then attempted to explain how Chipotle would change its policies to prevent further repeats.

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