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Economic Optimism Will Lead Consumers to Drive More This Summer

June 30, 2017

Twenty-nine percent of consumers say they will hit the road more in the coming month.
American drivers are much more likely than in years past to be hitting the roads as summer drive season begins, according to the latest NACS Consumer Fuels survey.

Nearly three in ten (29%) consumers say they will drive more in the coming month, an 11-point jump from a year ago (18% in June 2016), and a record high for the month of June. NACS has conducted monthly surveys related to economic issues since January 2013.

Nearly three in five (58%) gasoline consumers report feeling optimistic about the U.S. economy this month, down 2 points from last month. Consumer optimism has tracked between 57% and 61% for the past seven months. Consumers in the South are most optimistic (62%), though optimism remains high across all regions.

Relatively low gas prices are fueling both consumer optimism and the anticipated increase in driving. Fully four in five (80%) Americans say that gas prices impact their feelings about the economy.

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