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Crystal Geyser: #1 In The West. Naturally.

April 15, 2020

When you drink Crystal Geyser Natural Alpine Spring Water you’re tasting delicious, fresh, pure spring water bottled right at the mountain source. New for 2020, Crystal Geyser has built their own recycled PET plant. This means that Crystal Geyser’s new bottles will be a minimum of 50% recycled PET. Soon, bottles will be 100% PET, closing the sustainability loophole.

The new PET plant processes over 35 million pounds of recycled PET plastic (nearly 1 billion bottles). It also saves over 11 million gallons of crude oil and will eliminate 11.5 million pounds of carbon emissions.

Contrary to popular belief, the single use plastic bottle (PET), collected for recycling, presents a better balance for the different environmental impacts than glass bottles or aluminum cans because the plastic bottle uses far less energy, materials and requires less transportation because it is usually manufactured on site at the bottling plant.

100% recyclable, the PET bottle perfectly preserves the integrity of Crystal Geyer’s natural spring water when it is bottled at the source. In Crystal Geyser’s most popular product size – 500mL – the amount of PET has dropped more than 60% over the last 30 years, which means a smaller environmental impact. Flexible and resistant, PET plastic bottles do not break. Compared to glass, it’s a safer package for everyone.

The PET bottles are the clear winner for bottled water. PET water bottled are 100% recyclable, require less energy to make, keep the water safe and protected and have the smallest carbon footprint compared to glass and aluminum. Using alternatives to PET (cans, glass, and paperboard) generated 60% more greenhouse gas emissions than plastic bottles.

Information provided by Crystal Geyser.