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Despite Concerns Consumers Continue Sugar Consumption

October 6, 2017

Market place isn’t “one-size fits all” NPD Group report shows.

More than 50% of U.S. adults and teens report that they’re trying to consume less sugar, according to the NPD Group. However, old habits die hard.

With the average person consuming almost three times the recommended amount of sugar every day, or what amounts to 66 pounds of sugar per person annually, it’s not an easy habit to break. The workaround for many consumers is to decide what they’re really willing to give up and then they keep some sweet choices in their diets.

The decision on what to keep and what not to keep eating in terms of sugary foods varies by generations with some acting on their concern and others just saying their concerned but not acting on it, according to NPD’s “Impact of Sugar Concern on Consumption Behavior: What We Say vs. What We Do” report. Older Boomers and Silent G.I.’s, who may be managing diabetes or other illnesses, are an example of a generation that is cutting out more sweet foods from their diets.

When deciding which sugary foods to keep in or out of their diets consumers tend to separate them into categories, like more healthful versus indulgent sugary foods, finds the NPD study, which looks at the impact of consumer choice on 40 different sweet foods and beverages. Cola drinks and fruit juices both contain a fair amount of sugar. Consumers are more likely to cut back on cola drinks than fruit juices because they feel that juice has more nutritional benefits and the sugar is naturally occurring.

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