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Cold & Flu Season Is Here

October 3, 2018

Cold and Flu season has come early this year, and Harbor has you covered by offering a variety of cold and flu related products. Don’t let your customers be sick this season by stocking your store with cold and flu items. Some of these items include:

2440361 – Nyquil Liquid Original

2440371 – Nyquil Liquid Cherry

2380002 – Nyquil Liquidcaps

2440391 – Dayquil Liquid

2380001 – Dayquil Liquidcaps

2380032 – Theraflu Day Severe Cold Cough

2380033 – Theraflu Night Severe Cold Cough

2220011 – Tylenol Child Chewable Bubblegum

2440001 – Tylenol Cold Multi Symptoms Night

2440000 – Tylenol Cold Multi Symptoms Day


There are also some everyday preventative actions that can help stop the spread of germs. Cover your cough and practice good hygiene by using soap and water or alcohol- based hand sanitizer. Avoid close contact with sick individuals, and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. If you get sick, make sure you limit contact with others. Keep your customers, and employees, healthy this season by carrying Cold& Flu products.