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Cintas Survey Shows Consumers’ Hand Drying Preferences

August 11, 2017

Paper towels appeal to more Americans.

Do Americans prefer to use paper towels or air dryers when drying their hands in public restrooms?

Cintas Corp. recently commissioned a survey conducted online by Harris Poll to determine just that. The survey was conducted May 19-23, and polled 2,048 U.S. adults ages 18 and older.

The study found that the majority of American’s (69%) prefer to use paper towels over air dryers when drying their hands in public restrooms.

“Hand drying plays an important role in effective hand hygiene,” said John Engel, director of marketing, Cintas. “Studies show that germs can be more easily transferred to and from wet hands, which is why drying hands after washing them is essential to staving off bacteria and limiting the spread of infection.”

Of those that chose paper towels as their preferred method to dry their hands in a public restroom, the top five reasons include:

Paper towels dry hands better                                                            70%

Paper towels dry hands faster                                                             69%

Paper towels provide something to open the restroom door with     52%

Air dryers blow bacteria (e.g., on hands, in the air)                           24%

Air dryers are too loud                                                                       22%

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