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Americans Say Convenience Stores Offer Valuable Job Opportunities

October 9, 2017

Eighty-four percent of those who worked in a c-store think that the experience gave them a good foundation for their careers.

Nearly one in five Americans (19%) say they have worked in a convenience store, and the vast majority of them found their experience to be valuable as a career opportunity, or in gaining workplace experience, according to a new national survey of consumers conducted by NACS.

The survey found that 84% of those who worked in a convenience store agree the job experience helped them develop a foundation for their careers. In fact, more than three in four (77%) say that they would recommend working in a convenience store to others, particularly as a first job. Here are some factors that contributed to their positive impressions:

  • 89% learned a lot about how to work with different people
  • 80% learned how businesses are run and what the challenges are
  • 70% appreciated that their employer offered a flexible work schedule
  • 69% found that the job offered pay consistent with their experience

Respondents said that flexible work hours helped them pursue additional education. Most (53%) said they worked at a convenience store while in high school (24%) or pursued higher education like college (29%).

Among the survey respondents who said they had never worked at a convenience store, their perception of the industry also is positive, especially when tied to first jobs and gaining work experience. Nearly nine in 10 (88%) say convenience stores offer great first jobs, and nearly as many (86%) say that convenience stores offer great summer jobs.

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